We hold the firm believe that it is only through Christ Jesus that we are complete. Our world today needs men of integrity who raise and promote healthy homes; lead healthy churches, and establish justice and order in our communities. 

MEN OF GLORY exists to equip men to be integrous leaders in the home, Church and society. MoG meets every second Sunday of the Month in the afternoon at 1.30pm to achieve the goal of inspiring men to be influential leaders. 

Why not join us on this life changing journey for men! 



"And on my servants and on my hand-maidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy." 

In God’s kingdom we serve or minister by the Spirit of God alone. Our women serve according to the leading of the Holy Ghost.

Women of Glory meets every second Sunday of the month in the afternoon at 1.30pm, to equip women in the faith to serve God in the home, the Church and in the society they live in. 

Christ City Women of Glory welcomes you to a wonderful time of fellowship with godly women, who understand their role in Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost. 



At Christ City we understand what it means to worship. It is our total life devotion and commitment to God. 

The team that makes up the choir understand this concept and brings to our victory celebration services a life transforming experience through their songs. Songs form a vital part of the faith therefore we give due diligence to our songs. 

Our dedicated team of musicians work hard to lead the church in songs that reflects the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Ghost.

If you are excited about music and want a great team to be part of then Christ City Choir is the team to belong.


youth of glory

Christ City Church is blessed with a strong and dedicated group of young people, who contribute to almost every part of the church’s ministries. We are therefore very passionate about seeing these young people grow in their faith, and benefit from every good treasure in Christ. Our youth ministry is therefore organised in a way that equips our young people with the foundation they need to live fulfilled lives in Christ. 

Youth of Glory, currently meets every fortnight on Sundays in the afternoon at 1.30 pm.  

If you are a teenager looking for a real Christian experience, where you will be equipped with the Word to serve God, then Christ City YoG is the place for you. 

The glory of the lord

children of glory

We have a dedicated team of children’s ministers who oversee the ages 2 to 10 years in the Church. This team of ministers with their expertise in early years learning, engage the children through exciting and practical lessons in God’s Word. Also, we have monthly children’s service organised and led by the children.   

You are most welcome to bring your Child/Children along for these enriching services in Christ City Church.